OMC has years of experience in public and private organizational environments that benefits clients’ audit needs. Providing varying levels of assurance, auditing services range from audits, reviews and compilations for profit and non-profit organizations.
OMC performs audits for profit and non-profit entities to meet the regulatory requirements of Lebanese regulations as well as banks, limited partnerships and board of directors by examining financial statements and records in accordance with IFRS procedures and ISA auditing principles.
OMC also performs operational audits by studying the clients’ internal processes and procedures, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and helping them implement changes. Recommendations for improvement are applied to such areas as revenue, costs, productivity and efficiency as well as the overall operations of the company. Financial records can be quickly compiled into regular financial statements by summarizing accounting information provided by clients. These reports can be useful for owners in managing their businesses and increasing profitability.

OMC provides a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services as well as financial reporting and variance analyses to provide businesses and individuals with meaningful, organized financial information to ensure that their business operations run more efficiently on a daily basis.
Bookkeeping services are of particular interest to smaller companies as a cost-effective alternative to employment of full-time accounting staff. Meaningful, well-organized financial records are the foundation of a successful business. The Firm can assist you with the day-to-day tasks associated with bookkeeping, payroll reporting and data entry.
From simple financial projections to complex operating budgets, the Firm assists clients in developing strategies to achieve personal and professional financial goals. To fully utilize these tools in making management decisions and satisfying reporting requirements, the Firm prepares and analyzes all types of financial statements.
Reports include the Income Statement (comprehensive IS), Balance Sheet (Financial Position Statement), cash flow projection, accounts receivable/payable aging reports as well as variance analyses of the changes in account activity through comparison of actual results to the operating budget. OMC can also prepare more specialized reports according to the client’s needs.

OMC provides a full range of tax services including tax return, tax on salaries, value added tax VAT, as well as Ministry of Finance representation and resolution of tax issues and disputes.

OMC provides a full range of Management Advisory Services such as Business Performance Evaluation and HR Consulting.


Based on decades of experience providing consulting advice for organizations and individuals, OMC offers valuable expertise in the following areas:
  • Business Consulting : Feasibility Studies - Business Plans
  • Corporate Finance and Lender Relationships
  • Financial Planning –Business and Personal
  • Forensic Accounting – Investigations and Litigation Support
  • Inheritance Consulting
  • Information Systems –MIS, Computer Consulting (see our IT Partner: )
  • Merger and Acquisition Services, Business Valuations
  • Offshore Consulting and Administration
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Regulatory Consulting and Reporting
  • Enterprise Financial Performance Scanning
  • Financial and Accounting Management Policies & Procedures